Many years of working in wedding business helped us to fully measure up to the bride and groom’s expectations. We willingly share our experiences, which is why we always encourage our clients to have a conversation with us. We will also help you with calculating the demand for alcohols and drinks served at the tables.


A cocktail menu is always settled individually and adjusted to every guest’s needs. We pay attention to people with dietary restrictions. Therefore, we always inquire for information regarding the presence of people with celiac syndrome or diabetes thus we are able to prepare proper bar supply.


If you work with us, you will not have to worry about any details. We provide all essential products and accessories.


Our bartenders can help you not only with the bar. We make every endeavour to cause a nice atmosphere of your wedding reception.

Thanks to the wide range of alcohols, your every guest will find something suitable for his needs. The bartenders do not restrict only to prepare the cocktails available on the menu. If any of your guests fancied a cocktail which is not present in the menu, the bartenders will carry out his request.