It is always neatly arranged with paying attention to every detail. We would like to help you with creating a rustic atmosphere by preparing the cocktails based on natural ingredients and choosing proper wines to the served dish.




Our work is based upon the model of an open bar, which means that the amount of cocktails is not limited. You do not have to worry about the intake of the products or whether there will be enough stock until the end of the event.

We work holistically – we provide all the essential ingredients: ice, the bartender’s equipment and glass. The bartenders prepare cocktails with the usage of brand alcohols and fresh products. Despite alcoholic, non-alcoholic cocktails and strong alcohols, our bar also consists of wines and beers.




Our sommelier will gladly help you with choosing a suitable wine to the dishes served during your celebration. We know every wine we recommend perfectly. We know where it comes from, what it tastes like and to what it fits best.

For our clients, we negotiate prices with suppliers. Therefore, the cost of wines is lower than in shops. You only pay for opened bottles, and we take back those of them, which have not been used.